I like this guy for Pennsylvania Senator.

Fetterman understands that the only legitimate role of government is to ‘provide for the general welfare.’

Fetterman walks the walk; he does not make ‘talk talk talk’ and do nothing. I like that in a person. I especially like that in my Senators.

Toomey is a tool. And Toomey is majorly responsible for the last terrible train crash in Pennsylvania near my home in Frankford. Toomey also voted to defund Planned Parenthood. That made it personal. I have daughters.

Sestak is boring but acceptable progressive. Nothing to dislike about Sestak except he lost to Toomey. Can he win? Be good if he did. Katie McGinty seems good. I feel John Fetterman. Hmmm. Maybe I got the hots for John Fetterman. Desire never dies.

Fetterman is the real creative energized caring deal. He has the fire. Fetterman is the working class hero. My kind of guy.


Originally published at https://plumstchili.blogspot.com.



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Mary de Angelis aka Cherry Pie

I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA the Land of a Thousand Dances. I dance in the street. I cook, sleep and I eat. Then I go back and dance in the street.